How You Can Support Us

Vencer Juntos is based on the conviction that all sectors of society have a productive role to play in reducing poverty, and that everyone will win if they join forces to achieve this goal. Through the work of Vencer Juntos, very small entrepreneurs who want to overcome poverty through their own hard work gain access to best business practices and skills available currently only to the better-off, and enlightened leaders in established businesses will gain new and more rewarding opportunities to exercise their social responsibility and make a difference.

Vencer Juntos urgently needs financial support for an endowment and reserve fund that helps the project meet its operating expenses during short periods between  government grant expiration and renewal. The goal is to raise an endowment fund that would be invested so that return can be used to bridge the funding gaps between grants.

In addition, Vencer Juntos is seeking partnerships with the business community to expand the market for the affiliated entrepreneurs’ products and gain access to services such as marketing, market research, design, product development and communications (telephone and Internet).
In order to fully develop its potential, build partnerships with the private sector and refine its strategy, Vencer Juntos is looking for volunteers to constitute an informal advisory board.

For details on how to become a supporter of Vencer Juntos, please contact Barbara Schmidt-Rahmer, Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo., Tel. 5561 8124 7044 or 5571 8744 8770

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