Where We Are Heading

Vencer Juntos’ larger ambition is to develop a viable service model to reach the niche market that is currently not being served by microcredit, either in Brazil or elsewhere. If successful, the model should be capable of being applied across Brazil and in other countries. If we are able to develop an approach that helps poor entrepreneurs start sustainable businesses in the “pockets of poverty” where the market alone is unable to create employment opportunities, Vencer Juntos will have made a valuable contribution to business development services (BDS) with potential worldwide application.

To reach our goal of an initial expansion across Brazil, Vencer Juntos is actively participating in a broad network of NGOs that is dialoguing with the Brazilian Government to develop a public policy in support of the Local Revolving Fund (Fundos Solidários) programs. An increasing number of NGO and government entities are convinced that community-managed Local Revolving Funds complemented by community organizing and training services are a powerful and effective tool to bridge the gap between welfare programs and microcredit.

Photo: Handcrafted scarf - "filé", Pereiro-CE