Who Supports Us

Between 2003 and 2010, funding for Vencer Juntos has come exclusively from Brazilian sources. The business start-up fund has received grants from the Brazilian Development Bank BNDES,  the Ministry of Social Development, the HSBC Institute for Solidarity, Banco do Nordeste and the Ministry of Labor-SENAES. Since 2009, the largest supporter of the Fund has been Petrobras and the Federal Government through the Petrobras Citizenship and Development Program.

In 2004, the project established an alliance with SEBRAE, Brazil’s small and microenterprise support service with a national presence. SEBRAE finances the Vencer Juntos project team (national team and CBAs) as well as a major part of training activities. Local SEBRAE offices in the project regions provide support in the creation of the associations. In the first five micro-regions, the entrepreneurs supported by the project have formed associations to start taking responsibility for the continuation of the project and the management of the Local Investment Fund created by their contributions.

Photo: Neighbourhood Store, Montes Claros-MG