Where We Work

Between 2003 and 2010, Vencer Juntos has created teams of CBAs in the following eleven micro-regions in the interior of Brazil’s poorest region, the Northeast: Sr do Bonfim and Teixeira de Freitas-Bahia, Limoeiro do Norte-Ceará, Bacabal and Coroatá-Maranhão, Janaúba and Montes Claros-Minas Gerais, Patos and Guarabira-Paraíba, Parnaíba-Piauí and Pesqueira-Pernambuco.  Five hundred and eleven (511) mini-businesses have been funded through a business start-up fund. The majority of the businesses are in farming, small animal raising, handicrafts and food production. With a total investment of R$5.2 million (approximately US$2.5 million)  2.600 poor families have found a new income supplement working in the mini-businesses.

Photo: Manioc Flower Factory, Cansanção-BA